A Message from the Chief

As we approach our eighty-second year of service to the community it is important to recognize and understand the history of how we developed into the full-service department now serving our citizens.  In 1940 we had no fire station and no equipment.  We did, however have a dedicated group of individuals who recognized the need for a local fire department to provide the protection and safety necessary to support a growing community.  By 1946 a building was constructed and equipment was being accumulated.  Membership was growing and the department was earning its place as a vital part of the community. 

Over the next 10 years additional equipment was added, and training became routine for all members.  In that same era and continuing into the late 1960s and early 1970s, fundraising was as much a part of the operation as firefighting in order to acquire equipment and maintain the fire house.  There was little to no support by local officials.  As the Township began to grow, the burden of fire suppression and fire prevention activities increased dramatically, and it became evident the elected officials needed to consider funding assistance for the department.  The department leadership eventually persuaded the township supervisors to aid in the funding dilemma and received minimal assistance with basic utilities. 

As time progressed and the supervisors recognized the important role the department played in township government, funding became a formal part of the township’s responsibility.  This longstanding partnership is testimony to the necessity for local officials and public safety forces to continue to work together in the interest of service to the public.  We are fortunate to have local leaders who recognize their responsibility and work with the safety of the residents as a priority.

Since a small group of dedicated individuals had a vision for the future safety of their community, we have expanded to a multifaceted organization.  A strong staff of 44 volunteer members, four part-time employees, and a full-time administrator work side-by-side to staff two fire stations and a dozen response vehicles.  The leadership of our fire company remains as it was in 1940: all volunteer.

The entirety of our operation is focused on addressing the safety of the community and the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.  From planning and prevention to training and response, we will continue to address our responsibilities to the community and our members as we move into the future.  I am certain there will be challenges ahead. However, the dedication of our founding fathers in 1940 still exists in our membership today.  Their original vision for the community remains our guiding principle for the future. 

We are committed to your safety and truly appreciate the many citizens who stop by the fire station to offer their gratitude and appreciation for our service. 

Please stay safe!

John DiCola

Fire Chief